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Ko Antey Koti (2012) Telugu Mp3 Free Download

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Movie : Ko Antey Koti
Cast : Sharwanand,Priya Anand,Sri Hari
Music : Sakthi Kanth Karthik
Year : 2012
Bit Rate : 320Kbps & 128Kbps

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Ko Antey Koti
Singers : Suraj Jagan
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

O Madhurimave
Singers : Naresh Iyer
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

Varaala Vaana
Singers : Haricharan,Priya Himesh
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

Bangaru Konda
Singers : Harini
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

Singers : Karthik,Swathi Mohan
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

Deham Deham 
Singers : Shakthi Kanth Karthik
128Kbps Download Link : MEDIAFIRE
320Kbps Download Link : SENDSPACE

Naayak Latest Still

Genius Releasing on December 21st : Press Note

Devaraya Movie Review : A Poor Entertainer

Rating : 2/5
Director : Nani Krishna
Producer : Kiran Jakkam Shetty , Nani Krishna
Music Director : Chakri
Starring : Srikanth, Meenakshi Dikshit, Vidisha
Family hero Srikanth is trying his hand at socio fantasy for the first time with ‘Devaraya’. Nani Krishna isthe director of this movie and Chakriscored the music. The film has Vidisha and Meenakshi Deekshit in the lead roles opposite Srikanth. After some delay, the movie has released today across Andhra Pradesh. Let us see how ‘Devaraya’ is.
Story :
Dorababu (Srikanth) is a village playboy who believes in enjoying life to the fullest. He falls in love withSwapna (Vidisha) and she too responds to his affection as she sees the good side of his nature. She tries to get Dorababu to mend his ways but her grandfather (Ranganath) is staunchly against the alliance.
As this story is going on, an archaeologist (Sivaji Raja) discovers some items belonging to Sri Kirshna Devaraya in the Godavari delta and decides to investigate the matter. With the help of Ranganath, he tries to translate an ancient diary that belongs to the Legendary Telugu King.
Some startling secrets come out in this process and everyone discovers that Dorababu has a connection withLord Krishna Devaraya. He has some unfulfilled promises to keep and Dorababu is now required by the forces of nature to sacrifice himself for that promise. What happens nextis the story of the film
Plus Points :
Srikanth’s performance is ok in this movie. As Dorababu, he tried to imitate Megastar Chiranjeevi’s style for the comedy department. During his performance as Krishna Devaraya, he tried to imitate Sr NTR’s diction and dialogue delivery.
Vidisha is good and she may have some future in the industry if she takes care of her projects. MeenakshiDixit is strictly average. Veteran actor Balayya, Ranganath, Sivaji Raja,M.S. Narayana, Raghu Karumanchi and Jayaprakash Reddy try their bestto liven up the proceedings to a certain extent. Some visual effects and a few scenes from Krishna Devaraya’s court have been shot well.
Minus Points :
The plot of this movie has more holes than a sponge and just like a sponge soaks up water, this film willsoak up the viewer’s patience. Thereis virtually no story in the first half and there are way too many bad songs.
The scenes are loud, poorly written and have absolutely no logic. If you had a great image of King Sri Krishna Devaraya, you will be disappointed with the way he has been portrayed in this movie.
There are too many foolish sequences in the film. In the flashback episodes, King Krishna Devaraya’s character keeps shifting between present day Telugu and ancient Telugu in the same dialogue!! The actor who is seen as Jayaprakash Reddy’s brother looks very comical with a hideous wig. The central plot of trying to build a cement factory in a place containing an ancient temple is never given its due importance.
The placement of songs is atrocious. Just when the film tries to gain some momentum, these songs appear and drive the pace right into the ground.
Some graphics sequences are very poorly executed and while that is understandable, given the low budget of the film, they should not have been attempted in the first place with such limitations.
Chakri’s music and background scoremake things worse. The climax simply falls flat and there is no reason for that Chandramukhi style dance (with the Chandramukhi costume) in the first place.
Technical Aspects :
Nani Krishna’s direction is poor and he does not have any grasp over the basic aspects of narration and screenplay. Editing is atrocious. Cinematography is just about ok. Veerababu’s dialogues are bad.
Like I said before, Chakri’s music is very bad and he does not lend any strength to the movie. Production values are mediocre.
Verdict :
Srikanth is a nice guy with a family hero image and it is sad to see him in films like this. ‘Devaraya’ is a movie that has absolutely nothing going for it. Do yourself a favour andstay away from it unless you want to watch the movie out of an academic interest to see what shouldn’t be done by a director.
Movie Rating – 2/5

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